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Holiday "Get Things Done" Check List

Not everything needs to get done today, but I'm shooting for 50% or more. :)

1. Get Greg's car smog checked and registered
2. Deposit checks

3. Do lots of laundry
4. Buy 6-volt batteries for smoke detectors, cat litter, cat food, thank you note cards
5. Vacuum house
6. Design Podfitness Workout
7. Go to JCC Gym, check out membership costs (bring 50% off paper)
8. Get Butters vaccinated for Rabies
9. Send in application for dog license

10. Start work on lace shawl again (row 11)
11. Make significant progress on knit-along scarf
12. Write thank you notes for gifts.
13. Fiddle with sewing machine, figure out how the bobbin works.
14. Take out trash, clean trash can