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An Exultant Feeling of Wonder

Looking up into the night sky is one of my all-time favorite things to do outdoors. Nothing fills me with a more exultant feeling of wonder than clinging to the ground warmed by the day's sun and looking deep into space. I have never felt so small and so filled with awe as I have when I have noted just how big the sky really is. I have played with the perception of it, and at times the sky has never seemed closer than it has when it is speckled with stars, and the Milky way arches from one end of the horizon to the other.

These are the moments that fill me with the greatest pleasure and wonder, my appreciation for my own existence swells within me and I feel my eyes glaze with tears of joy and sorrow. For me, the incredible existence of this amazing galaxy and everything within it becomes dulled and somewhat less incredible when someone claims it to have all been created by the will of some macro-being. What could be more wondrous and remarkable than existence without initial intervention by an outside source? A universe which may have always existed in an eternal cycle of birth and destruction without end. One might scoff at the idea of an eternal universe, but really how is it any different than an eternal god who creates the universe and always existed. Why not cut out the middle-man all together and give the universe the appreciation it deserves? The universe commands no worship, hands down no dogma, no edicts of morality or righteousness, damns no man to Hell and has no special "plan" for you or anyone else. Yes, it requires a great humbling of the human ego. It means accepting that humans are not a "special creation" which concerns a father-figure god to the degree of obsession. No eternal life or reunion with the dead, only the one life which is made all the more valuable by its solitude. To me, these are small things to give up. To others their life loses all meaning with the loss of God and for them I feel the most profound compassion and pity. I cannot claim to know the One and Only Truth of existence, but I feel the path I'm on leads me to a much richer and more fulfilling life experience than those who are tied to the doctrine of ancient peoples with ancient beliefs for purposes of human domination, control, and power.

I do acknowledge one major point which secular-thinking fails to fill human need, and that is Community. This is by far one of the most important systems in our human life and the non-religious have difficulty creating the feeling of oneness and support which is a trademark of religious belief. It is not an impossibility, I believe, but rather a matter of realizing this need exists and finding a way to bring people together through the desire to help humanity and our common love for the human-spirit and all that we can accomplish.

It has been a goal in my own life to create the sense of community not only within the secular peoples in my life but also bridging to those in the religious community as well. It has been challenging, as many times I feel resistance from both sides for a number or different reasons. To the religious, I am an often received as outsider to convert and my mere existence (let alone my words) offends them. To the non-religious I am a pest and in many cases frightening when I appear to want to echo something of the religious experience within the secular one. Where I go from here, I cannot tell, but I still reach for the unity, the oneness and the joy that the stars and the sky under which we all live provides.



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